International trade of living facilities and modular building

In a worldwide context where everyone looks for quick, reliable and economic solutions, ours stand as the most accurate answer.

kit container

  • A matchless price
  • Quick production and installation
  • Exceptional modularity, designed to be added and taken away at will
  • Easy to carry and handle
  • Reliable, strong
  • Infinite architectural possibilities

With the most attractive prices per m² in the world, Containers Solutions can answer everyone : manufacturers, collectivities, executives, investor, associations…


kit container

  • Living facilities
  • Offices
  • Modular residences
  • Prefabricated houses and buildings
  • Sheds
  • Storage solutions
  • Polyester booth

A worldwide presence

kit shed


Our approach focuses on reliable companies which combine skills, moral commitments, quality and, of course, prices.Containers Solutions carefully studied and chose, in a worldwide scale, every kind of containers and the manufacturers which produce and transform them, this in order to give you the best service.

An unique network on the market

From the in-kit bungalow to the technical shelter, to the storage container, our network of suppliers and partners makes Containers Solutions your unique interlocutor on the market.

A pick-and-choose provision

According to your expectations, your time-limit and your budget, Containers Solutions finds technical solutions which make you able to build :

office container

  • Offices, business premises, head office, meeting rooms…
  • Residences from 30 to 100m² or more
  • Accommodations for students and workers
  • Collective buildings
  • Living facilities
  • Working mobile unit such as workshops, canteen, toilets
  • In-kit or prefabricated shelters for your GSM, telecommunication, photovoltaic applications, among others

The lowest-cost modular solutions on the market

Manufacturers, investor, collectivities (local authorities) or associations, our modular solutions shall be part of your consideration.
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